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Uncover the Remarkable Health Benefits of Green Peas

Green peas, or as they’re traditionally known, matar, are a seasonal staple predominantly available during the colder months. These small yet powerful legume family members can be incorporated into various dishes, offering a delightful taste enhancement and a significant nutrient boost.

The health benefits of green peas are often overlooked, despite being nutrient-dense, making them an essential addition to vegetarian diets. Numerous studies have further emphasized their crucial role in warding off chronic diseases. Therefore, it’s time to add a touch of green to your meals more frequently with matar paneer, matar pulao, and other pea-infused recipes. Here are some of the astounding health benefits green peas offer.

Health benefits of green peas (Matar)

Helps in weight loss

Green peas come packed with protein and fiber, instilling feelings of fullness, thereby reducing your overall calorie intake. A green pea soup could be a practical addition to your weight loss regimen. Moreover, they are low in calories, further supporting weight management.

Good source of plant protein

Protein is vital in maintaining health and well-being. Roughly half a cup of peas offers about 4 grams of protein. But that’s not all; matar is enriched with iron, phosphorus, folate, and vitamins A, K, and C. Protein supports weight loss efforts and enhances muscle strength.

Promote healthy blood sugar levels

The low Glycemic Index (GI) score of peas makes them suitable for individuals with diabetes. Research indicates that peas can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels by preventing them from spiking rapidly and can even contribute to reducing diabetes risk.

Good for digestion

A high fiber content in peas aids in sustaining a healthy digestive system. Fibre helps streamline bowel movements and can mitigate inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and more.

Boost heart health and immunity

Minerals like magnesium and potassium found in green peas are advantageous for the heart and aid in managing high blood pressure. Green peas’ vitamin C and antioxidants contribute to a robust immune system.

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Is it healthy to eat green peas everyday?

Green peas hold immense nutritional value and should be incorporated into our daily meals. They are packed with many vitamins and minerals, complemented by a high antioxidant content. Their role in managing blood sugar levels makes them particularly beneficial for people with diabetes. Moreover, owing to their high fiber content, they are also excellent for supporting digestive health.

What is the nutritious value of green peas?

Nutritional Value of Green Peas:
Nutritional component Value
Carbohydrates 14.4g
Proteins 5.42g
Fibre 5.7g
Sugars 5.67

Is green peas heart healthy?

Peas are a treasure trove of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium that benefit the heart. They also contain antioxidant-rich nutrients like vitamin C and phytonutrients, including carotenoids and flavonols. These compounds protect the heart and contribute to optimal cardiovascular function.

Are frozen green peas healthy?

But the good news is that frozen peas allow you to get the health benefits of peas year-round because they are frozen at their peak, helping to preserve their nutrients. Frozen peas are packed with all the protein, fiber, and other nutrients found in fresh ones.

Are peas high in sugar?

Vegetables higher in sugar include sweet potatoes, beets, onions, green peas, sweet corn, canned pumpkin, winter squash, rutabagas, carrots, and tomatoes. They range from 3.5g to 14g (1 to 3.5 teaspoons) of sugar per cup.

Are peas a carb or protein?

Peas are a low-calorie food, with a one-half cup (80g) providing 62 calories, 73% of which come from carbs, 24% from protein, and 2% from fat.

Do green peas lower blood pressure?

A daily cup of peas, lentils, garbanzo beans, or beans can keep your blood pressure in check and even lower it. Legumes and beans are significant on fiber and can help ward off coronary heart disease.

Are green peas good for cholesterol?

Peas may help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

Peas contain niacin (vitamin B3), which may positively affect cholesterol. Niacin may raise much more HDL (“good”) cholesterol than statins. “It also lowers triglycerides, fats in the blood that can increase the risk of heart disease.

Are green peas good for kidney patients?

It would depend on the kidney problems you are having. If you must avoid foods high in phosphorus, wax beans, peas, and green beans would be the safest to eat. If you have kidney stone problems, then all legumes would be beneficial.

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