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How to Make Delicious and Simple Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Cold Brew coffee is a beverage that has recently gained popularity. Join us at Farm to Palms to discover how to craft this unique drink!

Cold Brew Coffee Ingredients

For 4 People:

Medium-roast coffee beans250 grams
Cold water2.5 liters

Tools: coffee infuser, filter paper, glass jar (for the finished product), blender capable of grinding beans (or a coffee grinder)….

Cold Brew Coffee Preparation Method

Grind coffee beans

How To Make Cold Coffee

Grind the coffee beans using a blender designed for grinding seeds or, even better, a coffee grinder. Grind the purchased coffee beans, but there’s no need to grind them too finely!


How To Make Cold Coffee 1

Alternately, add cold water and coffee to the brewing pot, then gently stir with a chopstick to ensure the water evenly saturates the coffee grounds.

Note: For every 50 grams of coffee grounds, soak with 500ml of cold water.

Coffee fermentation

How To Make Cold Coffee 2

To steep your coffee, use a clean cloth or napkin to cover the mouth of the jar securely, then let the coffee grounds soak in cold water for about 12 to 24 hours, depending on the flavor strength you wish to achieve.

Note: The longer you steep the coffee grounds in cold water, the more extraction you'll get from the coffee, leading to a greater development of its natural acidity.


How To Make Cold Coffee 3

After steeping the coffee for the desired flavor, use a filter cloth or paper to strain out the grounds and obtain the brewed coffee for enjoyment.

Finished product

How To Make Cold Coffee 4

Depending on the coffee variety, the taste of Cold Brew can exhibit an intriguing natural acidity reminiscent of fruit with hints of citrus or wild berry aromas. To fully enjoy the authentic flavor of Cold Brew coffee, it’s best to consume it immediately after filtering and savor it over a few ice cubes.

Additionally, you may customize your beverage by adding ingredients like sugar or fresh milk to suit your preference.

With the information provided above, we hope Farm to Palms has given you a clearer understanding of how to brew Cold Brew coffee!

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