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How many different types of coffee are there?

Coffee, a rich tapestry of flavors and traditions, has woven itself into the cultural fabric of societies worldwide. With its origins shrouded in the highlands of Ethiopia, this bewitching beverage transcends mere taste, embodying the artistry of its preparation and the diversity of its forms.

From the sun-kissed slopes nurturing the delicate Arabica to the robust resilience of the Robusta bean, coffee offers a spectrum of experiences that cater to every palate.

Diverse in its manifestations, each coffee drink, whether steeped in the complexity of an Espresso or the velvety texture of a Latte, invites aficionados on an exploratory journey. Hot or iced, simple or elaborate, coffee’s versatility is unmatched.

Let us embark on a flavorful voyage to discover the many incarnations of this beloved drink that continues to captivate and stimulate enthusiasts around the globe.

How many types of coffee beans are there

How Many Types Of Coffee Beans Are There

While there are indeed more than 120 species of coffee plants, each yielding its unique bean.

There are 4 different types of coffee beans: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa.

But the vast majority of coffee consumed globally is derived from primarily two species: Robusta (Coffea robusta or Coffea canephora) and Arabica (Coffea arabica).

These two species are distinct not only in flavor but also in their cultivation requirements and cost.

AspectArabica Coffee BeansRobusta Coffee Beans
OriginBelieved to be one of the first species grown Arabic. The natural populations of Coffea arabica are restricted to the forests of South Ethiopia and Yemen.Commonly grown in Africa, Vietnam, and Indonesia
ShapeOval with a pronounced centre creaseSmaller, more circular, less pronounced crease
SizeLarger than Robusta beansSmaller than Arabica beans
FlavorSweeter, softer with tones of fruit, floral, chocolate, nutsLess sweet, deeper flavor with tones of wood or burnt rubber
AcidityHigher acidityLower acidity
CostMore expensiveCheaper
Cultivation ConditionsNeeds specific conditions, 500m-2500m altitudeLess delicate, up to 1000m altitude
Caffeine ContentLower caffeine contentHigher caffeine content
ProductionTakes several years to mature, lower yieldProduces fruit quickly, higher yield
VulnerabilityMore delicate and vulnerable to pests/weatherLess vulnerable to pests and weather
Largest ProducerBrazil (Latin America)Vietnam
UsagePreferred by many enthusiasts for its taste; typically used for black coffeeCommonly used for espresso drinks and instant coffee mixes

How many Types of Coffee Drinks are there?

How Many Types Of Coffee Drinks Are There 1

Coffee, a beloved beverage derived from the roasted seeds of the coffee plant, hails from the tropical regions of Africa.

This versatile drink has found its way into the agriculture of numerous countries across the globe. Coffee preparation methods vary widely, allowing for both hot and iced servings to suit different preferences.

Commonly enjoyed as a morning pick-me-up, coffee not only delivers a stimulating effect but also offers multiple health advantages, including a lowered risk of various ailments and enhanced physical performance.

Below, we explore 30 Types of Coffee Drinks concoctions:

#Coffee DrinkEspresso BaseMilk AdditionFoam/FrothAdded Flavor(s)Serving Style/Notes
1EspressoSingle/Double shotNoneNoneNoneTypically served in a demitasse cup
2AmericanoSingleHot waterNoneNoneSimilar to drip coffee but with an espresso base
3CappuccinoSingleEqual parts steamedYesNoneServed in a small cup, has a rich and creamy texture
4LatteSingleMore steamed than cappuccinoThin layerNoneServed in a tall glass, milder flavor
5MacchiatoSingleDollop of steamedYesNone“Marked” espresso with milk
6MochaSingleSteamedYesChocolate syrup/cocoaChocolate-flavored latte served in a tall glass
7Flat WhiteDoubleSmall amount of steamedThin layerNoneOriginated in Australia, has a flat foam surface
8CortadoSingleSmall amount of boiledThin layerNoneBalanced flavor with creamy texture
9AffogatoSingleIce cream (not steamed milk)NoneNoneEspresso poured over vanilla gelato or ice cream
10Red EyeSingleDrip coffeeNoneNoneCup of drip coffee with an added shot of espresso
11Black EyeDoubleDrip coffeeNoneNoneLike Red Eye but with two shots of espresso
12Long BlackDoubleHot waterNoneNoneSimilar to Americano but richer due to double espresso
13DoppioDoubleNoneNoneNoneDouble shot of espresso, often enjoyed on its own
14BreveSingle/Double shotHalf-and-halfThin layerOptional flavored syrupsCreamier version of a latte, sometimes served iced
15ViennaSingle/Double shotWhipped cream instead of milk foamNoneNoneEspresso base topped with whipped cream
16Caramel MacchiatoSingle/Double shotSteamedYesCaramel syrupVanilla latte base topped with caramel
17Gingerbread LatteSingle/Double shotSteamedYesGingerbread syrupHoliday-themed drink with warm spices
18Peppermint MochaSingle/Double shotSteamedYesChocolate and peppermint syrupsFestive holiday drink with a burst of peppermint
19Chai LatteSingle/Double shotSteamedYesChai tea concentrateSpicy and aromatic with a bold flavor
20Matcha LatteSingle/Double shotSteamedYesMatcha green tea powderEarthy flavor, topped with matcha powder
21Golden LatteSingle/Double shotSteamedYesTurmeric, ginger, other spicesAromatic drink with warm spices
22London FogSingle/Double shot (optional)SteamedYesEarl Grey teaEarl Grey tea-based, can include espresso
23Irish CoffeeNoneHot coffee (not steamed)Whipped cream on topIrish whiskey and sugarServed hot with whipped cream topping, often garnished with cinnamon or orange peel
24French PressNoneNoneNoneNoneFull-bodied coffee made using a plunger and filter brew method
25Drip CoffeeNoneNoneNoneNoneCommon household brewing method using hot water dripped over grounds
26ChemexNoneNoneNoneNoneClean, balanced coffee made with a special glass pot and filter
27AeroPressNoneNoneNoneNoneFull-bodied cup made with a press and filter brew method
28SiphonNoneNoneNoneNoneVacuum brewed, aromatic coffee made with a siphon pot
29Cold BrewNoneNoneNoneNoneSteeped in cold water for 12-24 hours, low acidity
30Iced CoffeeNoneOptional (cold)OptionalOptional flavored syrupsHot brewed coffee chilled over ice

How many Types of Iced Coffee are there?

How Many Types Of Iced Coffee Are There

Coffee enthusiasts are split between the cozy warmth of hot brews and the invigorating coolness of iced varieties. Each preference has its delights, whether it’s a hot coffee on a cold day or an iced one in the summer heat.

Beyond the classic iced coffee, there’s a world of 15 Types of Iced Coffee waiting to be explored, each with its own flavors and special ways of preparation.

Coffee TypeBrewing MethodFlavor ProfileServing Suggestion
Cold BrewSteeped in cold water for hoursSmooth, less acidicServed over ice
NitroCold brew infused with nitrogenCreamy, rich, smoothBest served without additives
Iced EspressoHot espresso poured over iceNutty, strong, more concentrated caffeinePersonalize with cream or flavoring
Iced MochaEspresso with mocha sauce and milkChocolatey, sweet, indulgentWhipped cream and chocolate shavings
Iced MacchiatoEspresso poured over milkLayered, espresso-forwardResist stirring to enjoy the layers
Vietnamese IcedBrewed with robusta beans and condensed milkChocolate hint, sweetEnjoy homemade with coffee ice cubes
ShakeratoShaken sweetened espresso with iceBalanced, refreshingStrained into a cup
FrappeBlended instant coffee with sugar and iceFrothy, blendedServed as a frothy mix
Iced LatteEspresso mixed with cold milkSmooth, subtle, creamyAdd flavorings as desired
Aussie Iced LatteEspresso with ice cream, milk, and iceDessert-like, can be creamy or flavorfulEnjoy as a sweet treat
New Orleans IcedBrewed with chicoryEarthy, woody, nuttySweetener and cream recommended
MazagranEspresso with ice, water, and lemon juiceCitrusy, tangyCan add vanilla and honey
Dalgona IcedWhipped instant coffee with sugarFrothy, creamyLayered over milk and ice
EiskaffeeCold coffee with ice creamDessert-like, indulgentTopped with whipped cream
Bạc xỉuBrewed with a phin filterMilky, sweeter than traditional Vietnamese iced coffeeMixed with condensed and cold milk


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