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How to preserve chili for half a year without spoiling

Chilies purchased in large quantities that are not finished can become dehydrated or rot when stored in the refrigerator.

Choosing the right ones initially is very important to keep chilies fresh for a long time. Whether spicy chilies or bell peppers, you should choose ones with bright colors, firm and smooth skin, thick green stems, and hard texture. These are newly picked fresh chilies that can maintain the best flavor when preserved.

How To Preserve Chili For Half A Year Without Spoiling

After purchasing chilies, wash them thoroughly and let them dry. Keeping the chilies dry is essential to preserve them for a long time, as they will quickly rot if they get wet. They will only be fresh and tasty if placed in the refrigerator. Therefore, during the initial processing of the chilies, please pay attention to removing any damaged or overripe ones to avoid moisture, causing them to rot.

After drying the chilies, use scissors to cut off some long stems, leaving only a short section close to the top. This method will prevent the chilies from spoiling and make it convenient to pack in jars without taking up too much space.

Clean plastic mineral water bottles can store cleaned and dried chilies. Place the chilies in a small bowl, add a few spoonfuls of cooking oil, and mix well so that a thin layer of oil sticks to the outside of the chilies. The next step is to put the chilies into the plastic bottles, not squeezing them tightly, just fitting them snugly into the bottles.

The final step is to tightly seal the lids and place the bottles of chilies in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. The chilies can remain fresh for up to half a year. If you plan to consume the chilies within 1-2 months, store them in the fridge compartment, taking them out shortly before use without letting them sit out for too long. This preservation method will help maintain the desired color and texture of the chilies, making dishes more flavorful and appealing.

Preserving fresh chilies, as described above, is quite simple and cost-effective. You can try it anytime to have convenient chilies, for example, during the New Year when you may need a lot of chilies for cooking and garnishing various dishes.

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